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Thomas Farrow & William Rowley




Thomas Farrow (alias Rolling-eye Tom) arrived on the Mangles in 1833. He went by the name of 'Rolling Eye Tom' a reference to an unfortunate inward cast of his left eye. He was a broom maker by trade; and was 5' 4 with dark sallow pock-pitted complexion and dark brown hair. He was said to be a most ferocious, savage-looking fellow. He absconded from Edward Gostwyck Cory on the 6th January 1838.

He was re-assigned to William Burnett at Paterson and absconded from service in February 1839 and was apprehended at Muswellbrook. He escaped from the Muswellbrook Lockup on the 10th April 1839 with several other men - Francis McCarthy, John Main, Robert Sheldon and bushranger William Atkinson

Thomas Farrow and William Rowley were part of the gang of bushrangers  including William Atkinson and Isaac Holmes who robbed the house of Mathew Chapman at Dungog in August 1839. Rowley had absconded from the service of J.G. Betty at Paterson

William Rowley arrived on the Lady Harewood in 1831. He was described as having a dark sallow complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes, tattoos,  a scar left side of upper lip and a small scar across upper part of nose. He had been employed as a miner in his native Staffordshire. After the robbery of Matthew Chapman, William Rowley and Thomas Farrow were captured and admitted to Newcastle gaol in January 1840.

They escaped while in custody awaiting trial at the Quarter Sessions in February 1840.

They were apparently armed to the teeth and well mounted on stolen horses, however their freedom was short-lived and they were captured by Percy Simpson and the Mounted Police on Christmas Day 1840 'amongst the broken hills of Mount Royal and the Paterson'.





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