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Hunter Valley Settler

William Sims Bell - Map 5

William Sims Bell was the eldest son of Archibald and Maria (nee Kitching) Bell of Windsor and brother of

(1) Archibald of 'Corinda' (who found Bellís Line)

(2) James Thomas;

(3) Maria (married William Faithfull);

(4) Elizabeth (married George Cox);

(5) Mary Ann (spouse 1 Capt. John Fennell; spouse 2 Francis Little); and

(6) Sophia (married Henry Pelerine Dutton)


William Sims Bell was granted 700 acres of land near Leamington by Sir Thomas Brisbane on 14 July 1825. (centre on the map below)

Despite the very dry conditions - (Donald McIntyre reported that he had less than 48 hours of rainfall between 1827 and 1829) - William Sims Bell had a crop of wheat planted in 1827 - 28. This crop suffered badly when a blast of hot wind from the west destroyed crops throughout the region.


William Sims Bell married Eliza Bell at Windsor on 12 April 1834. Their children included

1) Eliza Maria b. 1835;

2) William George b. 1836;

3) Laura Susette b. 1837;

4) Henry Little b. 1839;

5) Robert North b. 1841;

6) Matilda Agnes b. 1841;

7) Sydney b. 1845;

8)Mary Ann b. 1847; and

9) Emily Caroline


When his wife Eliza died after a long and painful illness in 1862 their address was at Bexley near Canterbury. William Sims Bell died in Sydney on 15th January 1875 aged 78.


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