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Havering 1849

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Embarked: 336
Voyage: 96
Deaths: 2
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Previous vessel: Randolph arrived 20 August 1849
Next vessel: Adelaide arrived 24 December 1849
Captain John Fenwick
Surgeon Superintendent Thomas Bellot

Surgeon Thomas Bellot kept a Medical Journal from 8th July 1849 to 7th December 1849

The Times reported on 4th July 1849 that the ship Havering of London which was chartered to take convicts to Sydney and bound to Dublin to embark them, put back and anchored off Falmouth port on 1st July in consequence of cholera breaking out among the crew and the small escort of 45 troops which were on board. She left Deptford on the 21st June and the first case occurred on the 26th following, when the ship was 30 miles west of Scilly, and this induced the captain to bear up. Five of the crew and one soldier died before her arrival, and up to last evening (1st) eight cases remained, two of which appeared serious, whilst the remaining six were considered convalescent. An officer with whom we conversed stated, that the disease was confined to men who were intemperate, and careless and loose in their habits, and that they had every expectation on board of checking the progress of the malady. The Havering was a new ship of 700 tons burden and no doubt very efficiently fitted out for the contemplated voyage, and is in no wise crowded, so that the best hopes of checking the evil may be fairly entertained, and her departure for Dublin expedited.

The Havering arrived in Sydney on the 8th November 1849, after a fine passage of ninety five days. She was one of several vessels bringing Exiles to Australia in the 1840's. Late in November 1849, 71 prisoners were sent to the Maitland district by steamer and 8 were sent to Moreton Bay by the Eagle steamer.    

Notes & Links:

1). Other vessels bringing Exiles included the Hashemy, Eden, Adelaide, Mount Stewart Elphinstone, Bangalore and Randolph

2). Hunter Valley prisoners arriving on the Havering in 1849

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