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James Hale

Wambo Map 5

The Heritage Branch Website has the history of the Wambo estate (Wombo on the map below) and James Hale.............

"James Hale purchased the Wambo Estate from two free emigrants. He arrived in the colony in 1816 as a 20 year old convict who was forwarded to Windsor on assignment. By 1822, Hale had been freed by servitude and was working as an overseer for William Cox at the Hawkesbury.

In the 1820s and early 1830s Hale was a contractor to the Colonial Government supplying fresh and salt beef, mutton, flour, maize, firewood and cartage for survey parties departing Windsor. By 1828 he had established himself as a successful Windsor resident and local businessman, being innkeeper of the White Hart Inn at Windsor with 5 assigned servants; 2133 acres of land (11 being cleared); 11 horses; 433 cattle and 1090 sheep

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James Hale's arrival is difficult to establish......

There were no convicts by the name of James Hale arriving in the colony 1816.

A convict by the name of John Hale arrived on the Mariner in 1816, He was from Monmouth, 20 years of age and a farmer's boy. He was convicted of a colonial crime in 1822 and sent to Port Macquarie in that same year.

A convict by the name of James Hall arrived on the Morley in 1817. He was a shoemaker by trade and was tried at Middlesex in 1816.