Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Surgeons and Medicos

John Irving - arrived with the First Fleet on the Lady Penrhyn in 1788

Daniel Kelly arrived per Scarborough in 1790

John Francis Molloy per Pitt 1792

Evan Morgan arrived per Ganges 1797

Daniel MacCallum per Friendship 1800

Bryan O'Connor per Minerva 1800

William Redfern per Minerva 1800

John Francis to VDL per Indefatigable in 1812

Henry Ravenscroft per Earl Spencer in 1813. Surgeon in navy

William Bland to VDL per Denmark Hill in 1814

Thomas Parmeter arrived per Fanny in 1816

Patrick Smith per Chapman in 1817

Patrick Connolly per Phoenix to VDL in 1824; Lady East to NSW 1825

Henry White per Earl St. Vincent to VDL in 1826

Thomas Tracy per Mangles in 1828. Physician from Kings Co., aged 40. Tried in Dublin. Sentenced to 7 years transportation for shop lifting. Sent to Wellington Valley on arrival. Died in sydney Hospital 15 September 1828

William Whitlaw arrived per Sophia in 1829

Patrick Montgomery arrived per Florentia in 1830

Thomas Gibbons arrived per Burrell in 1830

William Strang - arrived per Mermaid in 1830

Henry Turner Harrington arrived in VDL on the Manlius in 1830

Alexander McDonald arrived per Lord Lyndoch in 1833

James Souter arrived per Exmouth in 1831

William Pedley per Lady Nugent in 1835. Apprentice surgeon

George Steele per Lady Kennaway in 1835

John Waugh Drysdale arrived on the John Barry in 1836

Thomas Stedman per Strathfieldsaye in 1836

Samuel Playsted Jeston arrived per Waterloo in 1838

John Gordon arrived VDL and Norfolk Island per ship Nautilus in 1840

Samuel Newcombe arrived per Buffalo in 1840

John Martin arrived per Mount Stewart Elphinstone in 1849

Kevin O'Doherty arrived per Mount Stewart Elphinstone 1849

George Bridge Mullins arrived per Adelaide in 1849

John Douglas arrived in Western Australia per Lord Raglan in 1851

John Sampson to Western Australia per Clara in 1855

William Lemon Oliver arrived per Merchantman in 1862 or 1858