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Publicans in Newcastle


There were nine public houses in Newcastle in 1828

The following names of Publicans and their families and employees have been extracted from the 1828 Census:

John Smith

John Smith arrived on the General Hewitt in 1814. His establishment known as The Newcastle Hotel or simply Gentleman Smith's first opened c. 1822 - 1823

The following people resided or were employed at the Inn.....

Mary Smith (wife) . Aged 35

George Furber Smith (step son). Aged 18. Born in the colony

Bailey Smith arrived per Elizabeth 1820 - Stock keeper assigned to John Smith

William Worlock arrived per England 1826. Servant aged 26. Assigned to John Smith

Jane Cameron arrived per Louisa 1827. Aged 29 Housemaid to John Smith

Hugh McKenzie arrived per Phoenix 1826. Gardener aged 26. Assigned to John Smith

Robert Minshull arrived per Bussorah Merchant. Assigned as a stock keeper to John Smith.

Catherine Swift arrived per Mariner 1825. Aged 30. Assigned to John Smith. Servant

Mary Anne White. Born in the colony. Lodger with John Smith

Thomas Jordan arrived per Phoenix 1826. Baker aged 20. Assigned to John Smith

Richard Bannister, arrived per Baring 1819. Ostler employed by John Smith

John Cheers

John Cheers Born in the Colony. John Cheers ran an Inn at Newcastle between the years 1826 and 1828. Location and name unknown.

Ann Elizabeth Cheers arrived free per Friendship in 1817. Aged 26. Later held the license for the Plume and Feathers in Phillip Street Sydney by 1830

Frederick Dixon

Frederick Dixon arrived free on the Larkins in 1817. He ran The Crown Inn in King Street, Newcastle in 1830 - 1832

Jane Dixon. (wife)Aged 21. Born in the Colony.

William Moseley. Arrived per ship Hadlow 1817. Assigned servant to F. Dixon. Aged 26

John Sheen, arrived per Hooghley 1828. Aged 15. Assigned servant to Frederick Dixon

John Huxham

John Huxham came free on the Elizabeth in 1826. . John Huxham built the Newcastle Inn situated on the Corner of Hunter and Watt streets Newcastle

Ellen Perry arrived per Mary Ann 1823. Aged 24. Wife of William Perry and residing with him

William Perry per Shipley 1820. Aged 26. Free servant assigned as servant to John Huxham

James McClymont

James McClymont came free on the Andromeda in 1823. With his wife Nancy, James McClymont ran the Ship Inn in 1828

Nancy McClymont (wife) arrived per Andromeda 1823. Came Free. Aged 26

Charlotte Smith. Came free per ship Mary Ann. Working as a servant for J. McClymont. Aged 12.

Ann Vane arrived per Grenada 1827. Servant aged 20. Assigned to James McClymont

James Hawkin (Harkin), arrived on the Isabella 1822. Aged 28. Servant assigned to James McClymont

Alexander Phelps

Alexander Phelps arrived on the Globe in 1819. Worked as a publican and baker at Newcastle. Aged 28.

Sophia Phillips (Phelps), Born in the colony. Aged 23. Wife of Alexander Phelps.

Alexander Phelps. Born in colony. child of Sophia and Alexander Aged 3

John Francis Phelps Aged 1. Born in the colony. Child of Sophia and Alexander

Louisa Phillips (Phelps), Born in the Colony. Aged 4 Child of Sophia and Alexander

John Ramsey, arrived per ship Guildford. A free servant employed as a baker by Alex. Philips. Aged 20.

Patrick Riley

Patrick Riley arrived on the Three Bees in 1814

Patrick Riley built an Inn at No. 1 George St. Newcastle in 1822. Find out more about Patrick Riley's Inn here

Thomas Powers. Came free per ship Atlanta 1826. Employed as a clerk by Patrick Reilly . Aged 30

Edward Ebury(Abury), arrived per Malabar 1819. Aged 32. Assigned to Patrick Reilly

John Kitchingham (Kitchingman), arrived per Lord Sidmouth. Aged 37. Free servant employed as a miller by Patrick Reilly

Richard Binder

Richard Binder arrived on the Glatton in 1803. Held the license for The Australian Inn in 1828

Andrew Lang aged 21 assigned servant

John Hicks arrived per Portland employed as servant

Edward Bedford arrived per Hebe assigned servant

Francis Beattie

Francis Beattie arrived on the Indian in 1810. He held the license for the Crooked Billet at Newcastle

Jane Christie born in colony. Aged 9. Living with Francis Beattie in 1828


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