Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Convict Ship Caledonia (1) - 1820

Embarked 150 men
Voyage 130 days
Deaths 0
Surgeon's Journal - No
Master Robert Carnes
Surgeon Alexander Jack

Departure from England

The Caledonia departed Portsmouth on 10 July 1820

Military Guard

The military party consisted of thirty-three non-commissioned officers and privates of the 48th regiment, under orders of Brevet-Major Wheatstone of the 53rd regt, whose wife and family accompanied him.

Convict Ships bringing other detachments of the 48th regt., included:

Pilot under orders of Lieut Franklin of the 69th regt.,

Caledonia under orders of Brevet-Major Wheatstone of the 53rd regt.,

Dorothy under orders of Lieut. Holdsworth of the 82nd regt.,

Larkins under orders of Captain John Brabyn of the Royal Veterans

Lady Castlereagh under orders of Lieut. Brotheridge of the 48th

Agamemnon under orders of Lieut. Keays of 47th regt.,

Guildford under orders of Lieut. Vincent of the 48th regt.,

Isabella under orders of Lieut. Reeve

Prince Regent under orders of Cornet M.C. Chambers of the 21st light dragoons

Baring under orders of Captain Charles Coates of the 89th regt.,

Hebe under orders of Lieut. Campbell of 59th regt.,

Neptune under orders of Lieut. Rice

Hadlow under orders of Captain McDougall

Mangles under orders of Lieut. Matthews of the 59th regt.

Arrival in Hobart

The Caledonia arrived in Hobart on 17 November 1820 with 150 male prisoners all in a healthy state, except four who were sent to the General Hospital.[1]


After disembarking the convicts, the ship proceeded to Sydney, anchoring there late on the night of 16th December 1820.

The Caledonia returned to Van Diemen's Land with prisoners in 1822.

Notes and Links

1). This was Captain Carnes' second voyage with prisoners, having brought 170 male prisoners two years previously on the Neptune.

2). Convicts and passengers of the Caledonia identified in the Hunter Valley

3). George Macdonald came free on the Caledonia as Sergeant and Quartermaster of the 48th regiment. A grant of land was reserved for him in 1825. (CSI)


The Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter (Tas. : 1816 - 1821) Sat 18 Nov 1820 Page 2