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Convict Ship John 1829 


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked: 188 men
Voyage: 109 days
Deaths: 0
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Previous vessel: Norfolk arrived 27 August 1829
Next vessel: Guildford arrived 4 November 1829  
Captain Robert Norsworthy
Surgeon Superintendent John Love
The John was built at Chester in 1810........

The John transported prisoners to Australia in 1827 (NSW), 1829 (NSW), 1831 (VDL), 1832 (NSW) and 1833 (VDL).

On this voyage in 1839 the John departed from Sheerness on 27 May

The Guard on the John consisted of 29 rank and file of different corps, who were accompanied by four women and four children under the orders of Lieut. Forbes of the 89th regiment.

Other convict ships bringing soldiers of the 89th regiment included the Atlas, Speke, Baring and Minerva.

Passengers included Archdeacon William Grant Broughton, Mrs. Broughton and two children; and Samuel and Hannah Hatton, servants to the Archdeacon. William Grant Broughton kept a ship board diary describing aspects of the the voyage, the ship and the convicts. His sentiments towards this new chapter in his life would have been echoed by the many prisoners lo cked below..... The prospect of being soon delivered from a state of irksome confinement occasions no sensation of joy: where we are going there are none of those whom we desire to see or whom we have been accustomed to love and value.

John Love kept a Medical Journal from 24 April to 24 September 1829........... The state of the health both of the prisoners and guard on board the John has been most satisfactory; there were men complaining from time to time with slight ailments and sometimes requiring medicine, but none who I would have ever been obliged to put on the sick list even in a vessel of war except those related in the preceding journal. These were some slight ulcers arising from abrasion of the cuticle by the irons and rapidly healing on their being removed. I have to attribute their state of health to a favourable passage and favourable weather almost the whole of the time so that the prisoners were on deck nearly the whole time from seven in the morning until sundown in the evening. Taking breakfast and dinner on deck, the lower deck was also in a perfect state, being always cleaned by dry holystoning and two stoves kept lighted every day from morning until the prisoners were sent down in the evening. The bottom boards in the under sleeping berths were taken up every day and kept so till the evening so that every part of the deck was perfectly cleaned, dry and ventilated. The prisoners were on deck every day when the weather would permit. When lime juice or wine were served every man drank his allowance on the deck in the presence of the orderly corporal and sentry.  

The John arrived in Port Jackson on Sunday 13 September 1829.

There were no deaths on the voyage out. Sunday 13th September 1829 was a cloudy day with showers in Sydney. The wind was from the west. Temperature 13C - 21C.

Notes & Links:

1). John Love was also employed as surgeon on the convict ships Mellish in1830 (VDL), Atlas in 1833 (VDL) and the Backwell in 1835

2). Hunter Valley convicts / passengers arriving on the John in 1829

3).  Return of Convicts of the John assigned between 1st January 1832 and 31st March 1832 (Sydney Gazette 14 June 1832; 28 June 1832; 5 July 1832).....
William Brampton House painter assigned to David Johnstone at Cook's River
Thomas Chambers Brass finisher assigned to Thomas Wood junior in Sydney
Michael Connor Clerk and gentleman's servant assigned to Francis Greenway at Sydney
James Larkwood (Lockwood) Stone cutter assigned to Henry Marr at Sydney
Thomas Nixon Weaver assigned to John Lane at Parramatta
Edward Nightingale Hairdresser. Assigned to Thomas Markwell at Richmond
John Ogilvy Plumber, painter. Assigned to F. Peterson in Sydney
Alexander Robertson Weaver assigned to William Cox at Clarendon


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