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The Cottage of Content

East Maitland


Samuel Bailey was the licensee of the Cottage of Content in Bank Street, East Maitland in the early 1840's. He was first granted a publican's license in June 1840.

Samuel Bailey announced in 1844 that he had built a new public house to which he hoped to move on 1st July (1). The sign of the Cottage of Content was moved to this new building. The old Cottage of Content was advertised for lease by Thomas Dee, the guardian to the children of the late Peter Riley at this time. It became the Blue Bell Inn.

In 1849 The Cottage of Content was the venue for a ball and supper for Captain Pattison who had been captain of the Rose steamer but was shortly departing for the Californian gold fields with his wife Jane.

The ball was very well attended with more than one hundred people attending including the 'youth and beauty' of Maitland. A good band had been engaged for the evening and dancing was kept up without intermission from 9pm until sunrise the following morning. The long room of the Inn had been tastefully decorated and the front balcony was enclosed by flags forming a promenade from which guests could view the gay scenes and enjoyment within the adjoining long room to great advantage. A separate refreshment room held a profusion of tastefully arranged food and drinks and a toast to Captain Pattison was held here at midnight (2)

Captain Pattison's wife Jane (nee Hill) died in San Francisco and Captain Pattison returned to Australia.

He married Jane Bailey the daughter of Samuel Bailey in 1853

Samuel Bailey still held the license in April 1854.  


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(2) Maitland Mercury 10 November 1849



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