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Embarked: 221 men
Voyage: 174 days
Surgeon's Journal: no
Previous vessel: Almorah arrived 29 August 1817
Next vessel: Larkins arrived 22 November 1817
Captain James Thomas Lamb
Surgeon Superintendent James Bowman
Chief Officer Llewellyn Bishop
The Lord Eldon was the next convict ship to leave England for New South Wales after the departure of the Almorah. The Lord Eldon departed England on 9th April 1817 and on the passage called at Madeira & Rio de Janeiro.

At Madeira one prisoner escaped by swimming ashore. Four other prisoners died on the passage out.

There is no surgeon's journal available for the Lord Eldon, however James Bowman kept a journal on the voyage of the John Barry in 1819 and his methods for organizing the prisoners were probably similar on this voyage.

Two hundred and fifteen male prisoners arrived in Port Jackson on the Lord Eldon on 30 September 1817.

Governor Macquarie recorded in his Journal on the 30th September - The Lord Eldon Male Convict Ship commanded by Capt. Jas. Thos. Lamb, anchored this forenoon in the Harbour from England which she left on the 21st. of April last having touched at Rio Janeiro. 215 (out of 220 Embarked) male Convicts have arrived in good Health on board the Lord Eldon, guarded by a Detachment of 30 men of the 46th. Regt. under the command of Lt. Norman Mc.Lean of the Royals or 1st. Regt. of Foot.

The Headquarters of the 46th regiment commanded by Lieut-Col George James Molle arrived on the Windham and other detachments arrived on the
Ocean, Fame, Recovery, Elizabeth, Larkins, Three Bees, General Hewitt, Guildford, Surry, Surry, Shipley, Sir William Bensley, Morley, Marquis of Wellington, Canada, Bencoolen and Coromandel

Passengers included John McArthur and two sons sons William and John.  Henry Early and wife Mary also arrived as free passengers on the Lord Eldon.

James Freeman arrived as a convict on the Lord Eldon. He was sent to work at the limeburner's gang and after absconding was punished in 1819. He later married and settled down near Norah Head where he ran a dairy on land owned by Robert Henderson. His premises were visited by the Jewboy gang in 1840.

Samuel Henry Horne also arrived on the Lord Eldon. For his part in capturing the bushranger John McNamara he was awarded a land grant and pardon. He later became known throughout the Upper Hunter as the Chief Constable at Patrick Plains. Read his biography at Family History Society, Singleton

James Woodley gained notoriety for his part in piratically stealing the pilot boat at Newcastle with several other felons. They were chased into Rushcutters Bay 60 miles to the south. A wanted notice was posted soon afterwards, however he probably remained at large until January 1822 when he gave himself up under a Proclamation by Sir Thomas Brisbane and was sent to Port Macquarie.

The Lord Eldon departed Port Jackson bound for Batavia in December 1817. She stopped in at Hobart to deliver there two convicts who had absconded on board from Sydney - George Edwards, shipwright by trade; John Richards, Clerk by profession. In April 1818 these two men absconded from Sullivan's Cove, Derwent River in two Government boats with several other men.

Notes & Links:

1). James Bowman was also surgeon on the convict ships
Mary Anne in 1816 and the John Barry
in 1819

2). Hunter Valley convicts / passengers arriving on the Lord Eldon in 1817

3). Number of prisoners, date and place of Conviction and sentences - Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons and Command, Volume 16 By Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - Lord Eldon