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Convict Ship Norfolk 1837


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(Convicts and passengers from this ship only)

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Embarked: 280 men
Voyage: 105 days
Deaths: 2
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Previous vessel: John arrived 7 February 1837
Next vessel: Sarah & Elizabeth arrived 23 April 1837
Captain John Gatenby
Surgeon Superintendent John Inches
The Norfolk was built at Littlehampton in 1804. Convicts were transported to New South Wales on the Norfolk in 1825, 1829, 1832 and this voyage in 1837.

John Inches kept a Medical Journal from 30th October 1836 and 12 February 1837........

He reported that the Norfolk sailed from Spithead on 30th October 1836. They had an excellent run out of the Channel and fine weather. All the prisoners were healthy except Harry Bell who had been despondent since embarking at Spithead.......
Harry Bell had come on board from a hulk moored at Portsmouth where he had been sent after being convicted of stealing billiard balls.  He claimed to have purchased them from a Frenchman. In his plea before the Judge at the Old Bailey he claimed that he had moved in as high a circle as any man in EnglandóI have served my King and country for many years. Harry Bell was 40 years old when he died on the 21st November 1836.

Towards the end of November there were a few cases of scurvy which were treated with lime and wine. Another convict William Smith died on the 14th January 1837 after experiencing difficulty breathing.

Two hundred and seventy eight convicts arrived in Port Jackson on 11 -12 February 1837 and according to the surgeon, the prisoners were very orderly and clean on the voyage out.
The military Guard consisted of 29 rank and file of 28th regiment., and 80th regiment under command of Captain Bowler and Lieutenant Reitt of the 80th.

Passengers arriving on the Norfolk included Mrs. Reitt, Mrs. Bowler and family, Mrs. Inches & family and explorer/botanist Allan Cunningham who was returning to Australia after several years absence.

On arrival Captain Gatenby was presented with a silver snuff box and a note of thanks by Capt. Bowler, Lieut. Reitt and Allan Cunningham.
Allan Cunningham - Botanist and Explorer

Notes & Links:

1). John Inches was employed as surgeon-superintendent on the Lady Harewood in 1832, Lloyds in 1833 and the Mary in 1835.

2). Convict Charles Clipp arrived on the Norfolk. He was executed for murder on 29 November 1839.

3). Hunter Valley convicts and passengers arriving on the Norfolk in 1837

4). Detachments of the 80th regiment arrived on the Lady Kennaway, Lloyds, Norfolk, Bengal MerchantAsia, Captain Cook, Earl Grey, St. Vincent, John, Prince George, Mangles, Heber, Theresa, Calcutta and Eden.

5). Detachments of the 28th regiment arrived on the Recovery, Lady McNaughten, Charles Kerr, Westmoreland, Marquis of Huntley Norfolk, Backwell, England, John Barry, Susan, Waterloo, Moffatt, Strathfieldsaye and Portsea  


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