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Colonial Events 1792

1792 - Estimated white population 3,120

1792 - Planting of citrus trees along Parramatta began

FEBRUARY 14 - Arrival of the convict ship Pitt with Lieutenant Governor Grose and a company of the NSW Corps. The frame of a small vessel the 'Francis was on board. This was the first sea-going vessel built in the colony.

MARCH 2 - Death at the marine-barracks, Stonehouse, Plymouth, of Lieut. James Maxwell, for the last nine years senior first lieutenant of his Majesty's marine forces, who had assisted in forming the settlement established at Botany Bay.

APRIL 23 - Arrival of D'Entrecasteaux at Storm Bay on La Recherche and L'Esperance.

MAY - A pilot appointed at South Head

MAY - The first tank was cut in the rock bed of the Tank Stream

MAY 12 - Reduction in rations

JUNE 20 - Arrival of the Atlantic from Calcutta with supplies

JULY - Departure from Gravesend of the Bellona with free settlers - Edward Powell aged 30 - farmer and fisherman from Lancaster; Thomas Rose aged 40, farmer from Blandford and his family; Joseph Webb, farmer; Thomas Webb, gardener; Frederick Meredith, baker; James Thorpe, millwright, Walter Brodie, blacksmith.

OCTOBER 7 - Arrival of the convict ship Royal Admiral, Captain Essex Henry Bond.

OCTOBER 16 - Preparation of a Return of Land in Cultivation at the Different Settlements

NOVEMBER 1 - Arrival of Brigantine Philadelphia in Sydney with a speculative cargo. Cargo included 569 barrels of American cured beef, 27 barrels pitch and tar as well as wine, rum, gin, tobacco. Master of the Philadelphia Thomas Patrickson

NOVEMBER - New Hospital completed. - A brick hospital, consisting of two wards, was finished during the month of November and the sick removed to it. The spot for this buildling was at some distance from the principal street of the town, and convenient to the water; and, to prevent any improper communication with the other convicts, a space was to be enclosed and paled in round the hospital, in which the sick would have every necessary benefit from air and excercise. - An Account of the English Colony in NSW

NOVEMBER 17 - Arrival of the convict ship Kitty, Master George Ramsay. Naval agent Lieut. Daniel Woodriff. 29 convicts on board.

NOVEMBER 30 - Catholic settlers and prisoners at Parramatta petitioned Governor Phillip for the appointment of a priest-chaplain

DECEMBER 10 - Return of Governor Phillip and the remainder of the NSW Marine Corp to England on the Atlantic; Major Commandant Francis Grose appointed administrator of the colony.

DECEMBER - The first lease was granted for land within the town



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