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Colonial Events 1793

1793 - The Governor authorised to make land grants to military officers

JANUARY 1 - Rev. Samuel Marsden appointed Chaplain of New South Wales (not yet arrived)

JANUARY 16 - Arrival of the convict ship Bellona with female convicts and the first free settlers to the colony.

FEBRUARY - Grant of 100 acres to John Macarthur, the site of Elizabeth Farm House.

FEBRUARY - Opening of first official Church School in Sydney. Stephen Barnes Headmaster.

MARCH 13 - Spanish ships Descuvierta and Atrevida commanded by Don Alexandro Malaspina and Don Jose Bustamante anchored at Port Jackson

APRIL 20 - Arrival of the vessel Daedalus, Lieut. Hanson with Maori flax dressers.

JUNE 31 - Thomas Arndell, assistant-surgeon granted permission to retire with allowance of 50 per annum and to become a settler.

JULY 15 - Capt.-Lt. George Johnston of the marines appointed to the Command of a Company of New South Wales corps of Foot.

JULY 24 - Colonial vessel Francis launched in Sydney

AUGUST 7 - Arrival of the convict ship Boddingtons. Master Robert Chalmers. Naval Surgeon Richard Kent; Surgeon Augustus Jacob Beyer

AUGUST 25 - First service held in Church built by Rev. Richard Johnson on corner of Hunter and Castlereagh St. Sydney.

SEPTEMBER - Settlers' first sale of corn to government store.

SEPTEMBER 17 - Arrival of convict transport Sugar Cane. Master Thomas Musgrave. Surgeon David Wake Bell.

SEPTEMBER - Grose River discovered by Lieut-Colonel William Paterson.