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Launch of Colonial brig Perseverance. Owner Campbell & Co., The Perseverance, Master Frederick Lelohf sailed for China 9 February. SG 25 January 1807



January 25......




 A report sent by Gov. Bligh to England on the Buffalo, of 36 Public Buildings in Sydney




Expedition overland by Lt. Thomas Laycock with a party of four from Launceston to Hobart via Lake River and the valley of the Clyde River


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The History of New South Wales By O'Hara, James O'Hara



February 8......



Departure of the Buffalo for England - Governor King and family on board; as well as the infamous James Hardy Vaux

At 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon His Excellency the late Governor and Family finally embarked on board His Majesty's ship Buffalo for England, accompanied to the Wharf by His Excellency, who expressed the most sensible regret at taking leave. His Honor the Lieutenant governor and many Officers attended also to share in the last duties of respect. At half past two the boat left the wharf, and was saluted by His Majesty's ship Porpoise as she passed; the following morning His Excellency's dispatches were o board, and on Tuesday the ship sailed. Governor King designing to touch at Norfolk Island on his way. SG 15 February 1807




Governor Bligh's order forbidding the Distillation of Spirits

An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales Both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony By John Dunmore Lang

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February 15......

The use of rum as a currency forbidden


March 5......


Arrival in Hobart Town, VDL of the brig Duchess of York with a large cargo of rice, tea sugar, coffee, soap, candles and rum



March 13......


John Tucker appointed Storekeeper at Coal River

The Sydney Gazette  22 March 1807

General Orders

Whereas Mr. William Sutton, one of the Superintendents of this Colony, and Storekeeper at the coal River, has behaved in a disorderly and improper manner to Charles Throsby Esq., Commandant at that place; he is hereby dismissed from his Office, and Mr. John Tucker appointed in his place

By Command of His Excellency

E. Griffin, Sec.

Gov. House, Sydney



March 29......


Crew of vessel trading to Newcastle forbidden to trade Government stores with the convicts

Notice from the Sydney Gazette



June 4......


Ball held at Government House, Sydney in honor of the birthday of King George III





Port Jackson visited by armed Store Ship belonging to His Imperial Majesty of Russia - the vessel Neva, Captain Hagemeister; The Neva was laden with Stores for the West Coast of America. She had left St. Salvador 9th March with intention to go round Cape Horn; but being too late for the season called at Port Jackson for wood and water. She remained at Port Jackson until 1st July.




June 18......

Arrival at Port Jackson of the Sydney Cove. Master William Edwards.

Select HERE to find out more about the voyage of the convict ship Sydney Cove




July 25......

D'Arcy Wentworth suspended by Bligh for alleged misconduct in the administration of Parramatta Hospital

Governor Bligh's explanation for the Suspension of Wentworth




July 27......



Arrival of the convict ship Duke of Portland.  Master John C. Spence

Select HERE to find out more about the voyage of the Duke of Portland.






First reliable map of Sydney town produced by James Meehan. 99 Owners of Leases of land (on map) -

View Meehan's 1807 Map at National Library of Australia HERE



December 17......


Warrant issued for the arrest of John Macarthur

Text not available

An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales Both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony By John Dunmore Lang


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