Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Colonial Events 1819

William Charles Wentworth published A statistical, historical, and political description of the colony of New South Wales, and its dependent settlements in Van Diemen's Land

Convict James Hardy Vaux, published first slang dictionary - 'Vocabulary of the Flash Language' - Australia's first dictionary - compiled while Vaux was at Newcastle. A forerunner of Australian Slang

Carters Barracks, designed by Francis Greenway, opened in 1819 (Situated at Brickfields Hill on site of present day Central Railway Station)

New Female Factory at Parramatta designed by Francis Greenway.

Read a description of the Female Factory at Parramatta in the 'Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the state of the Colony of New South Wales' (J.T. Bigge) - State Library of NSW

January 4

Arrival of the convict ship Tyne. Master Cassey Bell. Surgeon Superintendent Henry Ryan.

January 8

Arrival in the colony of Hunter Valley land owner John Gaggin passenger on the convict ship Globe Captain Joseph Blyth. Surgeon Superintendent George Clayton

March 4

Arrival of convict ship Surry. Surgeon Superintendent Matthew Anderson

March 11

Arrival of convict ship Lord Sidmouth Jackson. Surgeon Archibald Lang

April / May

Exploration of the country from Moss Vale to Bathurst by Charles Throsby - Commenced expedition on 25th April 1819 passing through Cowpastures and arriving 9th May at the Hut of Lieut. Lawson on the Campbell River a short distance from Bathurst. Accompanied by John Rowley and two servants - Sydney Gazette


Phillip Parker King - investigation of north west coast

May 13

Death of convict Margaret Catchpole. Find more famous convicts here

May 24

Birth of Queen Victoria

June 4

Hyde Park Barracks first occupied. Accommodation for 600 convicts

June 4

Appointment of Major George Druitt, 48th Regiment as Chief Engineer of Roads N.S.W.

June 17

NSW Savings Bank opened by Robert Campbell in Sydney

June 26

Arrival of convict ship Baring. Master John Lamb. Surgeon Superintendent David Reid.

August 12

Captain James Morisset of 48th Regt., appointed Major

August 25

Arrival of convict ship Bencoolen. Master Joseph Antice. Surgeon Superintendent William Evans.

August 26

Arrival of convict ship Mary. Master John Lusk. Surgeon Superintendent John Morgan

September 1

Arrival of convict ship Canada The Canada departed London 23 April 1819 and arrived 1 Sept. 1819


Arrival in Sydney of Commissioner John Thomas Bigge - appointed to conduct an enquiry into various aspects of the administration of the Colony. Read Extracts from Commissioner Bigge's Inquiry Relating to Transportation, Disembarkation and Servitude

September 21

Arrival of the convict ship Daphne. Master Hugh Mattison. Surgeon Superintendent Robert Armstrong

September 26

Arrival of the convict ship John Barry. Captain Stephenson Ellerby. Surgeon Superintendent James Bowman

October 7

Foundation stone of St. James' church laid by Governor Macquarie


Colonial brig Princess Charlotte, built at Hunter's River, arrived in Port Jackson

October 16

Arrival of surgeon George Brooks on vessel David Shaw

October 19

Arrival of convict ship Atlas, Captain Joseph Short. Surgeon Superintendent John Duke RN

October 21

Arrival of convict ship Grenada, Master Andrew Donald. Surgeon Superintendent Emanuel Lazaretto

October 25

D'arcy Wentworth replaced as principal colonial surgeon by James Bowman

October 25

Expedition by John Howe overland from Windsor to Hunter River NSW. Accompanied by George Loder junior, Benjamin Singleton, Daniel Phillips, Jeremiah Butler, Andrew Loder, Philip Thorley, Thomas Dargin, William Millwood, Nicholas Connelly, John Eggleton and Charles Berry

October 30

Arrival of convict ship Malabar Captain William Ascough. Surgeon Superintendent Evan Evans

November 1

Death of Sydney harbour master/ lighthouse keeper Robert Watson

November 8

Death of postmaster Isaac Nichols who had arrived on the Admiral Barrington in 1791.

November 15

George Paton appointed Postmaster for the colony

November 20

George Brooks appointed assistant surgeon

December 17

Arrival of convict ship Minerva. Captain John Bell. Surgeon Superintendent Charles Queade

December 17

Arrival of convict ship Recovery. Captain William Fotherly. Surgeon Peter Cunningham.


Captain Louis Claude Desaulses De Freycinet on the L'Urainie on a voyage of discovery arrived in Sydney. Following a week of celebrations, Monsieur and Madame Freycinet entertained the Officers of the colony on board the Uranie before departing

Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, in the Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, Commanded by Captain Freycinet, During the Years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820 By Jacques Arago, Jaques Etienne Victor Arago

December 25

Sailed this day to resume her voyage of discovery, the French corvette l'Uranie, commanded by Monsieur Freycinet. On getting under weigh, she saluted the fort, which was returned by the battery from Dawes Point