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Convict Ship Woodbridge 1840

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Embarked: 230 men
Voyage: 133 days
Deaths: 1
Surgeon's Journal: yes
Previous vessel: Nautilus arrived 3 February 1840
Next vessel: Augusta Jessie arrived 27 March 1840
Captain William Dobson
Surgeon Superintendent George Todd Moxey

The Woodbridge was built in Calcutta in 1809.

Early in October 1839 one hundred and thirty male prisoners were embarked on the Woodbridge from the hulks at Woolwich. The remaining 100 men were received at Sheerness from the Fortitude hulk at Chatham. The Woodbridge departed Sheerness on 12 October 1839 and came via the Cape of Good Hope 6th January.

Passengers included Captain George Minter of the 28th regiment, wife and six children, Ensign Green of the 50th regiment, Mr. Murray, assistant surgeon of the 96th and Mrs. Murray and 29 rank and file of the 28th, 50th and 96th regiments with four women and three children.

George Moxey kept a Medical Journal from 21 September 1839 to 11 March 1840.........

In concluding these brief remarks, I may observe the prisoners (with the exception of a few mentioned in the journal) were landed in Sydney in good health, and perfectly recovered from all signs of scurvy which seemed to threaten rather serious consequences at one period of the voyage, but a beneficial change soon manifested itself after their obtaining a supply of fresh meat and vegetables at the Cape of Good Hope. The Colonial Secretary and Superintendent of Convicts were both pleased to express themselves satisfied with the clean and wholesome state of the ship and also as to the cleanly appearance and orderly demeanour of the prisoners.

The Woodbridge arrived in Port Jackson on 26 February 1840. Two hundred and twenty-nine prisoners were landed in Sydney, one having died on the passage out. The Sydney Herald reported that the convicts of the Woodbridge would be taken to Norfolk Island in consequence of there not being sufficient room for their reception at their intended destination. During their stay (at Norfolk Island) they were to be employed on the public works. On the 14 March the Sydney Gazette reported that eighty of the men of the Woodbridge had been sent on the Augusta Jessie to Norfolk Island and the remainder of them sent to the different works in the interior.

Penal reformer Alexander Maconnochie arrived on the Nautilus in February 1840 and took up duties at Norfolk Island in March 1840. One hundred and ninety nine prisoners of the Nautilus were also sent to Norfolk Island. The convicts of the Nautilus and the Woodbridge would have had a very different experience at Norfolk Island than some of their predecessors.    

Notes & Links:

1). George Moxey was also employed as surgeon on the convict ships Margaret in 1839, Susan 1842 (VDL) and the Mount Stewart Elphinstone in 1849

2). Hunter Valley convicts / passengers arriving on the Woodbridge in 1840

3). Convict ships bringing detachments of the 96th regiment to New South Wales included the Woodbridge,  Barossa, Nautilus, Augusta Jessie, Woodbridge, Maitland, Pekoe and Eden

4). Convict ships bringing detachments of the 28th regiment included the Woodbridge,  Recovery, Lady McNaughten, Charles Kerr, Westmoreland, Marquis of Huntley Norfolk, Backwell, England, John Barry, Susan, Waterloo, Moffatt, Strathfieldsaye.  Portsea and Emma Eugenia.    

5) Commandants at Norfolk Island......

Lieutenant Philip Gidley King 1788 - 1790 (arrived per Sirius in 1788)
Lieut-Gov Major Robert Ross 1790 - 1791 (arrived per Sirius/Scarborough)
Philip Gidley King 1791 - 1796 (arrived per Gorgon)
Captain John Townson October 1796 - November 1799 (Arrived per Scarborough in 1790)
Captain Thomas Rowley November 1799 - July 1800 (arrived per Pitt in 1792)
Major Joseph Foveaux 1800 - 1804
John Piper 1804 - 1810 (arrived per Pitt in 1792)
Captain T.A. Crane April 1810 - February 1813
Richard Turton 6 June 1825 - April 1826 (arrived per Ann & Amelia in 1825)
Vance Young Donaldson 1826 - 1827 (arrived per Henry Porcher in 1825)
Thomas Edward Wright 1827 to 1828 (arrived per Boyne in 1826)
Robert Hunt 1828 - 1829 (arrived per Morley in 1828)
Joseph Wakefield February 1829 to 29 June 1829
Colonel James Thomas Morisset 1829 - (arrived per 1834 Harmony in 1827)
Foster Fyans 1834 (arrived on the Sovereign from Mauritius in 1833)
Major Joseph Anderson 1834 - 1839
Thomas Bunbury 1839 (arrived in VDL per Susan in November 1837)
Thomas Ryan 1840 (arrived on George the Third in 1835)
Alexander Maconochie - 17 March 1840 - 1844 (arrived per Nautilus in 1840)
Joseph Childs - 8 February 1844 - 5 August 1846
John Giles Price - 1846 - 1853

6). Convict Ships to Norfolk Island......
Augusta Jessie 
David Malcolm 
John Calvin 



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