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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Hunter Valley



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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains

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Jackass Falls - Seaham

Jack's Creek - Liverpool Plains

Jacob and Joseph - station of John Eales situated at Liverpool Plains

Jarvistone - near Nelson's Plains - Dangar's map [29]

Jenny's Creek - Co. Parry - a small auriferous tributary of the Peel River joining it at Bowling Alley Point Diggings. [37]

Jerry's Plains - Co. of Hunter on the South bank of the Hunter River. Old name Cumnaroy. The plain is surrounded by high ridges known as the Bulga Mountains.[37]

Jervis Farm - Farm belonging to Alexander Warren, Williams River

Jewells (near Belmont) Should be Jules, as it was named after Jules Windeyer an old resident of Newcastle who used to go shooting there

Jewhurst's Farm - 900 acres originally granted to George Townshend, Paterson

Jew's Lagoon - on Namoi River

Jigadee Creek - early name for Sandy Creek a branch of Dora Creek

Jilliby-Jilliby Creek - Co. Northumberland - a tributary of the Wyong Creek fed by the Nellering Creek.

Johnson's Hill - Paterson

Johnys Point - near Silverwater, Lake Macquarie.

Jonestown - Cardiff. Part of John Jones 1862 land grant

Jooloogan Estate - at Dartbrook

Judge Dowling - a range of mountains situated in the Co. of Northumberland, a part of the Carmarthen Mountains. Formerly named the Devil's Backbone. 65 miles from Sydney. From this spot may be seen ' Yengo,' a remarkable flat-topped mountain to N.W., Well's Gazeteer

Jump-up - Later known as Belford

Jump-up Creek - Patrick Plains. A small souther tributary of the Hunter River flowing through the township of Belford

Jump-up Hill - Mount Royal Ranges

Juri - Co. of Parry. A township on the northern railway to the S of Tamworth. [37]




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