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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter Valley



Dagworth - Grant to Captain Thomas Valentine Bloomfield, Maitland. County Northumberland. A tract of flat and partly swampy land situated on Wallis Creek. [37]

Dalkeith - Town in Co. Bligh. Near Cassilis. Near the Krui River. Named after a place near Edinburgh, Scotland [46]

Dalswinton - Estate of Peter Cunningham - Upper Hunter

Dalwood - Co. Northumberland near Maitland. Estate of George Wyndham

Dandrie - district of Liverpool Plains. Station of James Evans

Dangar Chambers - In 1892 Dangar Chambers in Bolton Street was built, providing 16 professional suites. In 1948 the building was sold to Legacy by the estate of Albert Dangar, and renamed Legacy House

Dangarfield Farm - Dalwood

Dangarfield - N. E. Aberdeen. Named after Henry Dangar, early pioneer and surveyor of the A. A. Co., [46]

Dangar Park - Mayfield - The 11 acres for this park was part of the Dangarfield Estate and was dedicated by Albert Augustus Dangar (4th son of Henry Dangar) to Waratah Council for use as a park in February 1910

Dangar Street - Wickham - May have been named for Albert Augustus Dangar who was born two years after the Myall Creek Massacre. A. A. Dangar subdivided his Wickham estate land c. 1870s. Albert Dangar also built the Great Northern Hotel and donated land for the Wickham School of Arts. He invested a great deal of money in Newcastle's development

Dano Range - district of Liverpool Plains on the Mooki river 43 miles from Murrurundi. Station of Samuel Clift

Daragen - Aboriginal - Morpeth Swamps (1860s)

Darby Street Cook' Hill - Originally Lake Macquarie Road. Named after A.A. company surveyor Lieut. George Darby of 45th regt., who first laid out town allotments on the Company estate. [3]

Dark Creek - early name for part of Jesmond

Darlington - Parish in Co. Durham. Township adjoining Singleton in parish of Auckland on the Hunter River. Fertile agricultural district. [37]

Dartbrook - a stream rising on the Liverpool range near Mount Towarra, Co. Brisbane. It runs through the county and flows into the river Hunter. Kamilaroi aboriginal name Coomawidyera. Tributaries Petwynne Valley, Middle and Sharke's Creeks. [37] Named after the famous river in Devon, England [46]

Dartbrook House - Owned by Thomas Simpson Hall

Davies Creek - Co. Brisbane. 209 mils N Sydney. Nearest railway station in 1893 Aberdeen. [37]

Davis Town - Co. Northumberland. A postal village 61 miles N of Sydney. [37]

Dawson's Hill - Singleton district. Named after Robert Dawson, the first Agent of the A. A. Co., to whom a grant of this area was made in 1828 [46]

Dawson Street Cooks Hill - named after Robert Dawson, commissioner of A.A. Co. [3]

Deadman's Creek - a small eastern tributary of Black Creek. [37]

Deard's Farm - Paterson

Deega Estate - Lake Macquarie - A grant to A.W. Scott. Killingworth

Deep Creek - Co. Gloucester. 356 miles N. of Sydney. [37]

Deep Creek - Flowing into Black Creek near Cessnock

Deep Water - district of New England. Station of Messrs and A. Windeyer

Deepwater Estate - Cockle Creek c. 1884

Deerubbbun River - the native name of the Hawkesbury River

Dellhurst - Singleton district

Delungara - district of Liverpool Plains. Hall's station

Dempsey Island - Island in the Hunter River situated between Ash Island and Moscheto Island

Dempster Island - as above - see Barrallier's 1801 map

Denison Street Hamilton - named after Sir William Thomas Denison, an early Governor of NSW

Denman - After Lord Thomas Denman (1779 - 1854), Lord Chief Justice of England, grandfather of Lord Denman, Governor General of Australia 1911 - 14) Situated Co. Brisbane. Near Wollemi National Park

Dennis's Dog Kennel - Co. Northumberland near the Great North road 78 miles from Sydney. See Dixon's map. Near Mt. Macquoid.

Deptford - Raymond Terrace - named after a suburb of London by William Lowe pioneer ship builder

Derahbambah - (a.n.) - also Punte or Puntei. Land on which Ebenezer was built - Toronto Lake Macquarie

Derraderra - district of Liverpool Plains . William Cox's station

Derridgerie - S. W. Cassilis. Rough bushes that grow in creeks (aboriginal meaning) [46]

Derriga - a small stream Co. Durham. Runs into the Myall. Later known as Sugarloaf Creek.

Devil's Backbone - On the Great North Road

Dewey Point - Toronto, Lake Macquarie

Dewrang - N. Stroud. Aboriginal meaning - High in mountainous country [46]

Diamond Drill Point - opposite South Beach estate in 1931, south of Nords Wharf

Diega Flat - West of Trialba House towards Wallsend. Co. Northumberland. A tract of flat country lying on the NW of Lake Macquarie and on the banks of Cockle Creek. [37]

Digby Grove - Quorrobolong. Estate of Achilles Daunt

Dilgoor - Aboriginal name. Junction of Page and Hunter Rivers [24]

Dilgry - N. W. Gloucester. Aboriginal meaning rocky boulders [46]

Dingadee - Aboriginal meaning - Good place for game [46]. Estate of John Hooke's 4 miles from Dungog

Dinindarine - district of Liverpool Plains on the Manning River. Station of Otto Baldwin

Diniwarindi - Otto Baldwin's run near Manilla. Later known as Durham Court.

Dirra - district of Liverpool Plains. O'Neil's station

Dobell Park - Wangi in honor of Sir William Dobell, artist

Dockyard - name given to part of Millers forest where John Korff's shipyard was situated

Doggrel Creek - Flows into the Williams River

Doghole Farm - Close to Minmi, part of James Muir's land

Doona - W. Quirindi - aboriginal meaning an ironbark tree [46]

Donnybrook - Estate of Beresford Hudson near Mount Elizabeth several miles from Lamb's Valley

Donny Brook Inn - near Singleton

Dooralong - Wyong - Aboriginal meaning a smoky plain [46]

Dooreldoorel - a creek situated on Co. Gloucester flowing into the Williams River

Dooribang / Doorabang - Aboriginal name for the Williams River

Doree - Co. Northumberland, a post office, 126 miles N of Sydney. [37]

Doreet - A creek situated in Co. Gloucester flowing into the Williams River

Doribank - Estate on the Williams River. Offered for sale by Archibald McLeod in 1851

Dorigo Creek - small stream flowing into the Myall river (Teggs:1842)

Dory (Dora) A creek in Co. Northumberland on which stands the town of Newport. Flows into Lake Macquarie. (aboriginal meaning Doree Doree meant a creek running to the lake). Also known as Nekinda; also Dorri Brook. 81 miles N of Sydney. Aboriginal meaning also sleepy, sluggish, no current [46]

Doughboy Hollow - district of Liverpool Plains 5 miles from Murrurundi; the station of Dr. Gill

Dowadee Island - Port Stephens (1826)

Dowling's Range - near Hungry Flat (see Dixon's map). Co. Northumberland - a part of the Hunter Range lying between Snodgrass Valley on the S and McDonald's Flat on the N. [37]

Downgimbie - (Aboriginal meaning- mussel ground) - ?Muswellbrook [24]

Doyalson - a name derived from the names of two early pioneers of the district Doyle and Allison [46]

Doyles Creek- A creek situated in Co. Hunter. Empties into the Hunter River. Cyrus Matthew Doyle

Drew's Creek - flows into Wollombi Brook

Drilldool - district of Liverpool Plains on the Namoi River. Station of Edward White

Drummond Range - a range of mountains situated in district of Liverpool Plains. South of the Gwyder river

Duckinfield House - House belonging to John Eales - Hunter River

Duck Hole - old name for Pindimar

Duck Hole Estate - Also known as the Big Swamp. Also known as Chevelly. Part of the Millers Forest area.

Duck Island - Island in the Hunter River below confluence of Hunter and Paterson Rivers. [31] Barrallier's 1801 map

Duck River Farm - Farm belonging to Francis Moran

Dudley - named after a place in Worcestershire, England [46]

Duff's Pass - Co. Hunter, a crossing place over Doyle's Creek from Singleton to the neighbourhood of Dabee.

Duguid's Hill - Co. Northumberland, a hill about 2 miles SW of Lochinvar. [37]

Dulcamah Estate - At Whittingham. First owned by Robert A. Rodd who sold it to Duncan Forbes Mackay

Dulwich - Estate of James Glennie. Situated on Falbrook, Co. Durham

Dumaresq St. Newcastle - Named after Col. Henry Dumaresq who succeeded Sir William Edward Parry as Commissioner of A.A. Company. [3]

Dunbar's Creek - Co. Durham. 188 miles N of Sydney. 12 miles from Muswellbrook. [37]. Named after Samuel Dunbar an early settler in the district [46]

Duncans - a creek in the district of Liverpool Plains. On this stream is the station of J.T. Armytage and Co.

Dunedoo - Cassilis district. Aboriginal meaning - small feet [46]

Dungaleer - district of Liverpool Plains. Emanuel Hungerford's station

Dungee - Situated in district of McLeay on Dungee Creek. Station of Alexander Gammack

Dungog - Clear hills (aboriginal meaning). Tunkok (aboriginal name). Gringai tribe. Situated Co. Durham on the Williams River.

Dungowan - district of Liverpool Plains. Run belonging to Isaac Haig, also Hamiltons station. 16 miles from Tamworth

Dunheved - Vineyard near Paterson in 1865 owned by Mr. Steers

Duninald - Estate belonging to William Dun - Paterson River

Duns Creek - near Duninald

Dunmore - Named by Andrew Lang, the original grantee in 1822, after his mothers maiden name - Paterson

Dunmore House - Situated on the estate of Dunmore

Dunolly - Singleton district

Dunvegan Estate - Upper Paterson. Named for a place in the Isle of Skye, Scotland [46]

Dural - district of Liverpool Plains. Station of John Wild

Durham - County of NSW. Towns include Paterson, Muswellbrook, Seaham, Clarencetown, Dungog, Hinton, Gresford, Merton and Camberwell.

Duri - Estate at Broke

Durren Durren - Wyong district - Aboriginal meaning - dry ground out of flood reach [46]

Dusodie - Dungog district [46]

Dyrring - Parish in the Co. of Durham bounded on the W. by Brought; E. by Mirannie; and S. by Sedgefield. In this parish is situated Mount Dyrring, a peak of the Mount Royal Range under which is Falbrook