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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter Valley



Nabiac - Manning River aboriginal name meaning The long narrow leaved fig tree

Nalawa - Cassilis district. Aboriginal meaning - to sit down, to camp [46]

Namoi/ Namoy - named the Peel by John Oxley in honour of the Right Honorable Robert Peel; joins the river Darling at Pockataroo.

Nandowra - near Scone. Estate of Matthew Henry Hall, son of George Hall

Napoleon Cottage - adjoining the upper gate entrance to the Race course, West Maitland

Narara - Gosford district - Aboriginal meaning - a black snake [46]

Nardoo or Nardu - Werris Creek area - Aboriginal meaning - a grass with a seed from which the aborigines make flour [46]

Narone Creek - Cessnock district

Narrably - district of Liverpool Plains near Tamworth. Station of A.B. an F.M. Doyle

Narrabri (aboriginal Nurra-bur-i - meaning forks) The Narrabri, or Nurrabri, better known as Killarney station was first taken up by Andrew Doyle

Narrara - Creek situated in Co. Northumberland. Flows into the Brisbane Water adjoining the town of Gosford.

Narrowgut - Corruption of aboriginal Narragan - a narrow waste of land between rivers. Also known as Phoenix Park; and Trafalgar

Narrows, The - Narrowest section of the Wangi Peninsula.

Narara - A black snake

Naughton's Gap - Cassilis district - named after a local resident [46]

Nea - Werris Creek area. Aboriginal meaning - the breasts [46]>
Neath - After a coalmining town in Wales

Nectarbank (Nalalban) - over the other side of the Page River to the north of the village, which became the ‘Elmswood’ property.

Needle Island - Island in Hunter River (see Barrallier's 1801 map for location)

Negoa - Estate of William Cox. Kamilaroi aboriginal name Boorewalla

Neible - Werris Creek area - Aboriginal meaning - a footprint [46]

Nekinda - Creek. Also known as Dora Creek

Nelson's Bay. in Co. of Gloucester. An anchorage of Port Stephens. Named after H.M.S. Lady Nelson [46]

Nelson's Plains - After H.M.S. Lady Nelson which in 1801 was sent to Newcastle to survey the Hunter River and district. Situated at the confluence of the Hunter and Williams Rivers near Raymond Terrace.

Nemingha - Co. of Parry. Postal town. [37]

Neotsfield - Grant to Henry Dangar - Co. Northumberland on the Hunter River. 3 miles from Singleton. Named after St. Neots his birthplace in Cornwall

Ness House - George St. Singleton (c. 1880)

Nettering Creek - Co. of Northumberland, a small watercourse falling into the Jillaby-Jillaby Creek on its W. Bank. [37]

Newcastle - Seaport town at the mouth of the Hunter River. Once known as King's Town and Coal River

Newcastle House, Newcastle - Former residence of A.W. Scott. 8 room mansion with servants quarters, coachhous. Front garden surrounded by brick parapet wall with carriage entrance. Used at one time as customs house.

Newcomen Street Newcastle. Named after Thomas Newcomen an English mechanic one of the inventors of the steam engine [3]

New Freugh - Co. of Durham - a village reserve 7 miles from Singleton. [37]

Newland - District of Dungog 1841

New Park - Co. of Durham, postal town 150 miles N of Sydney. [37]

Newport - village in Co. Northumberland on Dora Creek. Eraring

Ngoroinbah - Henry Dangar's map. Early name for Point Wolstonecroft

Nikkinba - Aboriginal for a place of coals - Threlkeld [21]. Also House at Hamilton

Nimbecourigina - Run at Liverpool Plains taken up by James Morris junior

Nineways - Junction of Brunker Road, Belford Street Chatham Road and Denison Streets Broadmeadows

Ningan - run at Liverpool Plains taken up by John Mackay

Niritba - The home of the mutton bird (Aboriginal) - the name of the island off the entrance to Lake Macquarie -Threlkeld [21]

Noamunga - Street at Gwandalan, Lake Macquarie (Aboriginal meaning good fishing)

Nobbys Island - (Aboriginal name Whibayganba). Named Hacking Point by Lieutenant Shortland in 1797. Situated at the entrance to the Hunter River at Newcastle

Noch-fin (also Knock Fin) - near Luskintyre - Dangar's Map [29]

Nogram Creek - Co. Gloucester. Flows into Gloucester River

No-Grass Valley - Also Snodgrass Valley - Great North Road

Nolan Creek - Co. Gloucester, a small eastern tributary of the Williams River

Nookooeddy - Aboriginal - West Point, Narrowgut, Morpeth 1860s

Nooroo - night, dark (aboriginal meaning) [46] Situated northwest of Stroud

Norah Head /Noraville - Headland on the Central Coast of NSW- near Cabbage Tree Bay

Nord's Wharf - Lake Macquarie - named after William James Nord who donated the land for the approach to the wharf and also the land for the local public school [46]

Norman' River - Flows into Carrington River -See Dangar's map[29]

North Rothbury - 19km from Cessnock

Northumberland - County of NSW

Northumberland Cottage - Morpeth

Norwood - Near Gresford. Opposite Trevallyn Estate. Estate of Francis Blower Gibbes

Nowendoc - A very cold place (aboriginal meaning)

Nowerby - district of Liverpool Plains. Station of G. Cox

Nulkaba - Place of iron stone (aboriginal meaning) [46]. Originally the village of Pokolbin. Cessnock district

Nundah - Wood (aboriginal meaning) [46]. Singleton district

Nundawar Range - Liverpool Plains, a branch of the New England Range

Nundle - Co. of Parry, Situated on the confluence of the Nundle Creek and the Peel River.

Nuneham Cottage - Newcastle - Built by Martin Richardson after his home village in Oxford. Demolished 1937

Nurruby - district of Liverpool Plains Station of Cyrus Matthew Doyle