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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains,

New South Wales

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Radfordslea Estate - near Black Creek. Singleton district. 2000 acres owned by Alexander Brodie Sparke
Ramsgate - Catherine Hill Bay
Rankin Park - Newcastle. Named for solicitor A.A. Rankin
Raspberry Clear - Singleton district
Raspberry Gully - original name for the present day Gully Line
Rathbourne Cottage - near Osterley
Rathmines - Edward Hely named "Rathmines" after the family's home town near Dublin, Ireland.

Rattigan - Estate of Alexander McLeod
Ravenscroft - At the Allyn River near Eccleston
Ravenshaw Hills - above Stroud River  - see Dangar's map [29]

Ravenshaw St. Newcastle - named for J.H. Ravenshaw, director of A.A. Co.
Ravensworth - Estate belonging to James Bowman; situated in Co. of Durham between Fallbrook and Foybrook. Singleton district
Rawdon Stream - Co. of Gloucester, the name of the S. head of the Barrington River. [37]
Raworth - After a place in Suffolk, England. This land near Morpeth was a grant to James Griffith in 1823. John Howe purchased this 200 acres in 1839.
Raymond Terrace - After Midshipman Raymond, who in 1797 was sent by Lieut. Shortland by boat up the River Hunter and who remarked on the "terraced" appearance of the trees at the junction of the Hunter and William Rivers. The locality for some time was called "Raymond's Terraces". Situated in Co. Gloucester on E. bank of Hunter river. According to Huntington also known as Green Hills. Alternative naming was after James Raymond Postmaster-General

Recovery - Estate at Lake Macquarie opposite Rev. Threlkeld in 1838

Redbourneberry - A grant of 700 to John Howe as reward for his discoveries. Situated on the eastern side of Singleton
Redmanvale - Singleton district
Red Head - Situated in Co. of Northumberland, a few miles north of Reid's Mistake (1848)

Red House - Inn known as The Red House - Black Creek
Reedy Creek - Singleton district. A small tributary of the Glendon Brook
Reid Lane - Newcastle. Named after James Reid whose office was in the brick terrace facing Watt St. and backing on to Reid street
Reid's Mistake - Situated at the entrance of Lake Macquarie. Mullug-bula - the name of two upright rocks about nine feet high springing up from the side of a bluff head on the margin of Lake Macquarie; Beneath the mountain on which the two pillars stand was a seam of coal from which Reid obtained a cargo of coals when he mistook the entrance of Lake Macquarie for Newcastle {Threlkeld}
Retreat - Cattle run on the Macdonald River leased by Robert Pringle
Retreat Farm - Cockfighter's Creek
Rhondda - Teralba - site of the Rhondda Colliery
Richmond Vale - near Maitland / Cessnock. Name of estate owned by John Palmer in 1823
Ringwood - Raymond Terrace
Rix's Creek - Singleton district . North tributary of the Hunter River flowing into it at Auckland

Robertson Street, Carrington - named after Sir John Robertson KCMG premier of NSW
Rocky Creek - Cattle station at Liverpool Plains leased by Robert Pringle
Rosebank - Grant of 2560 acres to Thomas Bartie - Hinton
Rosebrook - Estate of James Reid, Hunter River
Rosebrook Estate - 1 mile from Muswellbrook (1894)
Rose Cottage - Residence of John Eckford in 1852 - Maitland
Rose Hill Farm -Millfield. 320 acre far sold to John McDougall. Near the Rising Sun Inn, Wollombi
Rosemount - Estate of John Larnach 6 miles from Singleton
Rosemount Cottage - Situated in Bourke Street West Maitland
Rose Tree Hill - early name for Bennetts Green
Roslyn Castle - Raymond Terrace - House of Michael Henderson. Adjoined the Irrawang estate. House built at vast expense being a double pavilioned roofed mansion. Later purchased by the Bishop of Newcastle.

Rossett - Early name for Charles Boydell's Camyr Allyn estate
Rothbury - After a village near Morpeth, England. Situated in Co. of Northumberland; bounded on the N. by Belford; W. by Ovingham and E. by Black creek. Singleton district
Rouchel brook - An eastern tributary of the Upper Hunter, fed by Davis and Dry Creeks. Falls into the main stream about 6 miles NW of Aberdeen.
Roughit - Singleton district
Rous Lench - part of the Edinglassie estate
Rowan - A parish in the co. of Durham bounded on the N. by Sandy Creek; S. by Muswellbrook; and W. by the River Hunter
Roxburgh - After a place in Scotland, the home town of the wife of Sir Thomas Brisbane, Governor of N.S.W.
Royal (Mount Royal) - A mountain situated in Co. of Durham; from this mountain the Allyn and Paterson rivers take their rise
Runnimede - property belonging to John Terry Hughes on Erina Creek
Rushholme - John Cobb. Situated on Munnimbah Brook  - see Dangar's Map[29]
Russell - A parish in the Co. of Durham bounded N. and W. by the Hunter River and S. by Sandy Creek

Rutherford - After George Shaw Rutherford early settler