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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains

New South Wales

Letter U V



Uffington - a parish in County of Durham; bounded on the W. by Barfield; S. by Seaham; and E. by the Williams River

Ulambie - Run of Daniel Macfarlane - Liverpool Plains

Ullumbarella - station on the Gwydir River - Archibald Bell

Umina - Central coast (aboriginal meaning camping place)

Underbank Estate - Grant to John Lord - Upper Allyn River

Underbank - Co. Durham, village on the Upper Williams River near Bandon Grove. [37]

Upper Reserve - Early name for King Edward Park, Newcastle

Uwarabin Creek - Flows into the Williams River between Clarence Town and Dungog

Vacy / Vasy - Co. Durham. Village situated on the confluence of the Paterson and Allyn Rivers in the parish of Houghton. [37]

Valentia - Part of the Cintra Estate - Paterson

Valley of the Palms - Glenrock Lagoon

Vane - a parish in the County of Durham bound on the E. by Falbrook; S. by Hunter River; and W. by Ravensworth and Liddell

Vaux - Parish situated in County of Durham bounded on the N. by Brougham; W. by Hunters River an S. by Althorpe

Vaux Cottage - Paterson Plains Vere - After Sir Charles Broke

Vere. a parish in the county of Northumberland bounded on the N. by Whittingham; W. by Wollombi and E. by Ovingham

Victoria Bridge/ Vittoria Bridge, Maitland - Opened in 1852 on the anniversary of the Battle of Vittoria

Vineyard Cottage - Grant to George Jackson Frankland - Paterson. Later re-named Mowbray

Vine and Figree Valley - Situated in County of Gloucester on the Williams river about 6 miles from Dungog

Violet Hill - situated in County of Durham north of Myall Lakes; the residence of Mr. Thomas Abbott, Police Chief. Early name Genena Hill

Violet Town - early name for Tingira Heights




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